Most Common Workplace Industries With Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos exposure is the number one cause of lung tissue cancer known as mesothelioma, and that exposure occurs first in the workplace. When asbestos is disrupted, its particles enter the air, and the breathing pathways of anyone in that environment. Those particles don’t leave the body but linger in the lungs to create scar tissue that becomes a tumor. While the United States has regulated the use of asbestos, it’s not out of key industries yet.

Find out here what industries are dealing with this the most, and what the first lawsuit steps are to take to file for compensation if you are dealing with this workplace tragedy.

Asbestos in the Workplace

There was a time when asbestos-containing products were favored over any other because the asbestos made them heat-resistant and flame retardant. These products began appearing in homes, government buildings like schools, and in the workplace. Every branch of the United States military receives products from private sector businesses that make products with asbestos because it is flame-resistant.

Yet it is killing people, and even killing more service members than it is killing any other industry.

Asbestos in the workplace is found in many products. If you have worked for a business with any of these products, you may be at risk for asbestos exposure:

• Manufacturing coatings
• Concrete
• Cement
• Brick
• Pipes
• Mechanical brakes and pads
• Boiler heaters and their seals
• Tiling
• Insulation 
• Drywall
• Certain paints

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry estimates that between 1940 and 1979, 27 million workers in America experienced asbestos exposure at work.

Industries With Asbestos Exposure

The most common industries that asbestos exposure has happened, and can still happen, are as follows:

• Mills
• Mines
• Shipyard and marine workers
• Insulation contractors
• Electricians
• Plumbing trades workers
• Heating trades workers
• Automotive industry workers
• Contractors in buildings constructed prior to 1980

If you have been exposed to asbestos at work, you may be entitled to compensation.

Take the First Lawsuit Steps After Mesothelioma

There are two kinds of lawsuits for workers with mesothelioma. They include personal injury and wrongful death claims with an average settlement of $2.4 million for mesothelioma. Take the first lawsuit steps to see if you qualify for compensation, and book a free consultation with a mesothelioma lawyer today.

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