Finding the right marijuana seeds

There are so many new breeding ways that have changed the look, taste, and effects of the marijuana strains. You don’t have anything today that can be called a pure Indica or pure Sativa. You also have the hybrids. For those looking for a dominant Indica or Sativa, they need to know about its qualities. 

Certain traits point to how you can pick the right marijuana seeds for growing. If one follows the right parameters of selection, you can never go wrong in your selection. 

Here are some deciding factors 

1 – The gender 

Most people only want to grow female seeds though seeds can be male or female. The reason is that female plants produce rich, strong buds. You also get regular seeds, which can be male or female. Feminized or female seeds are a preference for most growers. 

Though the feminized versions are pricey, they offer you good value for money. This way, you ensure that you get better results than with male plants. 

2 – A healthy seed 

Choose marijuana seeds by their dark brown shade or a blend of both. You can avoid the green seeds as they are not mature enough to produce a plant. Bigger-sized Indica seeds and smaller Sativa seeds differ in their pattern of growth. Indica seeds are mostly brown and black, while single color seeds are mostly Sativa. 

3 – Choose the right strain 

If one has the experience, buying and growing marijuana seeds is not a problem. But for beginners, it can be a cause of confusion. Veterans or amateurs, buying the right seeds at reasonable prices can still confuse. But you can adopt a beneficial approach in choosing from various options. 

The best way is to begin. The right note to purchase seeds is to start with a cheaper strain. High price does not always mean better quality. Some old but potent strains can help you, while newer hybrids can puzzle you. Start with a good but cheaper strain if you are growing for the first time.  

Now that you know 

Start your marijuana seed purchase by choosing the popular strains first to have hassle-free cultivation of your marijuana. For more details, you can visit

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