Optimize Purple Kush seeds cultivation with these tricks

When you grow a marijuana strain, you need to learn tips and unique challenges related to it. You can’t grow different strains in one way and expect high results. Here, the article details five tips on how to grow Purple Kush Feminized seeds easily.

Origin of Purple Kush seeds

True to its moniker, Purple Kush seeds belong to the Hindu Kush’s mountain chain situated amidst Afghanistan and North-West Pakistan. The strain is adaptable to grow in the arid region. The best part of the plant is its look. The strain is a great resin producer and is also used for cannabis production.

How to grow the plant?

Tip 1- Buy Purple Kush Feminized seeds from a premium store

Today, several seed banks promise to lend an authentic taste to cannabis. However, a few are capable of keeping their promises. Hence, we suggest you research a seed bank that provides you with a 100% germination guarantee. United Strains of America is one among them. The company offers an intense collection of cannabis seeds that produce high output within a short flowering time.  Their website provides detailed information on how to optimize the strain for better cultivation.

Tip 2- It blooms well outdoor and indoor

One can plant Purple Kush Feminized seeds indoors and outdoors. In indoor, it requires 7-8 weeks to grow delicious and relaxing weed. As the plant belongs to the Indica community, so it grows small and bushy. The best soil to grow this weed is hydroponics. The soil works well with the crop if you keep the humidity level low. You should not expose the plant to cold temperature; otherwise it will damage the yield. If you wish to grow it outdoor, ensure that you keep it away from rain and humidity. It is ready for harvest between mid-September and produce eight ounces of the plant.

Tip 3- Prune the plant to get maximum output

Pruning the plant is best to help this marijuana strain to reach a high level. If you do it properly, the result will be a powerful stem and increased yield. Ensure that you prune the plant during the vegetative phase. Don’t put additional fertilizer for the short flowering stage. The best method to grow this plant is Sea of Green when growing indoors.

Tip 4- Add sufficient nutrients

Your plant is a reservoir of the nutrients that you put inside it.  The nutrient content will depend upon the kind of strain that you are growing. However, the food intake should be proper. Underfeeding or overfeeding will shock you later and will cripple its development. Your plant can go without nutrients for several days because it takes time to absorb the nutrients.

Tip 5- Maintain the right ph level

To grow the crop, it is important to measure the ph level. The ph level determines the plant capacity to absorb the nutrients. Keep the range between 6.2-6.8.

Final Thoughts

Cultivating this cannabis weed is not overwhelming; with few pointers in mind, even a beginner can expect a higher harvest.

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