Lemon Diesel Strain: Things You Should Know Before Buying

Lemon Diesel strain is like any other product, which contains 20% Sativa and 80% Indica. It is also known as Lemon Sour Diesel, and by the name, you must have understood the taste. It is for people wishing to enjoy an energetic, powerfully invigorating, and euphoric high. From head to toe, it delivers a complete buzz taking a few of your minutes to take hold. Here you will get to know about the Lemon Diesel strainso you should go through it before purchasing. 

  • About Lemon Diesel Strain

It was originated by Green Lantern Seeds and is a combination of Lost Coast OG and California Sour. Two-hybrid strains, when crossed, results in an earthy and sweet strain with a strong body high. On the Emerald Cup 2010, it was in the top ten positions, which indicates the product is one of the best of best. The Sativa-dominant effect will fill you with creative energy and boost your mood. It starts with a cheerful mood boost and helping your mind to feel euphoric and free. 

  • Effect of the strain 

It helps you to stop thinking negatively and uplifts your mood. After the high develops, you can adjust to the new positive outlook, and you start feeling an intense sense of creativity and focus. It is recommended to take Lemon Diesel strain in the afternoon. It truly will benefit you from the productivity boost. After the effects start to fade, you feel peaceful with no strong desire for a thing or something that needs more energy. 

  • Aroma 

It has the fruitiness of lemons with the harshness of a gas station. The aroma is like you will deeply love it and has the rawness of diesel and lemon freshness. The complex aroma makes you feel like a marijuana strain and not a candy you get in the store. When you burn the strain, the air gets filled with an earthy and sweet smell reminding you of sipping lemonade.

  • Flavour 

The flavour is what you will expect from the name when the smoke hits your tongue. It gives a sense of freshness and a pungent diesel bitterness. It is a mixture of harsh chemicals which blend with sweet citrus. 

  • The growth information

The product is available at the online store, and if you want to grow at your place, you can do so. It requires minimal maintenance and reacts positively to colder climates. The unique aspect is the plant suddenly shoots up towards the flowering end-stage. It is an ideal plant if you want to grow indoors and before harvesting. You must give it enough places to flourish and has a short flowering time. If you are growing it outside, the harvesting time can be around mid-October. 

Final words 

The CBD is less than 1%, with some lab results showing 0.23%. It has a high THC level from 13 to 17%, so the name is a THC-heavy plant. The plant is available online, so you can get one and let it grow indoors. 

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