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If you’re planning your first trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you may be in for a few surprises. This bustling city on the beach is one of the most affordable vacation spots in the country. You can expect to pay up to double for some hotels, restaurants, attractions and other amenities. Sure, that will suck for anyone who was counting on it costing them an arm and a leg.

Make Reservations Early

While most hotels will happily take your money on your vacation dates, they’re not always eager to book you until later in the year. So, you may be able to score a better deal on a room by reserving sooner rather than later. Of course, you’ll likely need to be flexible on your date of stay, too, since many hotels will only take bookings nine to twelve months out.

However, if you can be flexible on the date you’d like to visit, this might be a great way to save a few bucks here and there.

Stay Flexible

While you can get a great deal with a stay that’s nine months out, staying flexible could help you save some money on your travels. Many travel sites will offer deep discounts on trips if you’ll be visiting during the off-season or during a less popular time of year.

You may be able to get a slightly lower rate on a trip if it’s during the off-season.

Don’t Be Afraid To Haggle

Are you staying at one of the high-priced hotels on the coast? Are you planning to visit an attraction that costs more than most attractions? Then, be bold and haggle with the resort or attraction owner. While many people shy away from haggling because they’re worried it’ll be mean, it can be a nice gesture.

Haggling is perfectly acceptable at hotels, attractions, restaurants and many other places you visit. And if you can score a discount by haggling, it could help reduce the cost of your entire trip.

Visit During The Off-Season

Summer is a popular time to visit Myrtle Beach. And while this is a great option, there are many reasons why you might consider visiting during the off-season. During the summer, many attractions will be packed. And, during the summer, prices at many attractions will increase.

However, during the off-season, many attractions will be cheaper and less crowded. You can also find many deals on hotels and other attractions if you visit in the off-season.

Visit During Peak Season

If you can handle a busier, more expensive Myrtle Beach, there are still many reasons to visit during peak season. For one, you’ll be visiting during one of the most popular times of year for tourists. You’ll also be visiting during one of the most expensive times. So, you can expect to pay up to double for many things during peak season.

Explore Off-Hotel Activities During Your Stay

If you’re planning a vacation to Myrtle Beach, you can save some money by exploring some off-hotel activities while you’re there. Many of these activities cost little or nothing at all. For example, many people enjoy fishing at one of the many public lakes in the area. And, many of these lakes are open to fishing year-round.

Find these and many other free off-hotel activities by exploring the area before your trip. You can also explore some of these activities during your stay. Many of the best activities, like fishing, require only a little planning and effort check

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