Russian Lips – A Revolutionary Cosmetic Treatment

Are you looking for the best ways to improvise the appearance of your lips? If yes, the Russian Lip treatment is in for you. Dedicated to adding beauty and volume to your lips, the latter is a modern cosmetic procedure to revolutionize modern-day beauty treatments. When thinking about where to avail the services, you can consider getting Russian Lips in Vaughan beauty centers and wellness clinics.

Russian Lips: What is the Technique?

In the language of cosmetic treatments, the Russian Lips technique is a procedure to deliberately uplift the lips’ skin and tissues for getting added volume. Your lips take the look of a heart shape after the treatment while looking plumper and naturally full. The procedure is carried out through a vertical injection of tiny filler droplets. The injection works to open, lift and widen the lip body. The procedure derives its name from Russian women, who are blessed with naturally flat and wide lips.

An Insight into the Russian Lip Injecting Technique

The Russian Lip injecting technique is quite different from the customary treatments of lip filling. The process is centered on the vertical injection of dermal fillers into the central areas of your lips. The procedure makes a series of such injections at various points for rendering a heart-shaped look to the lips. The injections are initiated from the lip’s base to its top in the upward direction.

The aforesaid injection procedure separates the Russian Lip treatment from the traditional processes of lip contouring, which mostly involve a horizontal injection. The Russian Lip technique gives a raised look to your lips, instead of making them appear wide.

This ensures a much better precision of shape and volume that further guarantees the achievement of the desired appearance. The technique is often coupled with hyaluronic acid fillers to render your lips with a much more defined structure, volume, and shape.