Consume a Raw Food Diet – Minimize Nutrient Loss

It’s believed that, typically, food within the U.S. travels as much as 1,300 miles from farm to promote. Further, nearly every U.S. condition buys, typically, about 90% of their food from sources outdoors of their own condition? Vegetables and fruit start to lose nutrients immediately after they’re harvested. Further, an average vegetable or fruit will go via a multi-week cycle of harvest, storage, shipping, storage, retail stocking and buy, home storage, cooking and eventually consumption. With all this potentially lengthy publish-harvest cycle, the handling of vegetables and fruit during transportation is very important towards the upkeep of their dietary quality. Particularly maintaining even, cooler temperatures and staying away from food bruising are secrets of keeping food’s dietary quality during transportation and storage.

Heat, light, water and air would be the opponents of fresh food’s nutrients. Generally, the greater exposure produce needs to light, heat and oxygen (processed, pre-cut and pre-packaged products are uncovered to help nutrient loss) the more serious off it’s from the dietary perspective. Further, nutrient loss throughout the farm to promote cycle could be further faster by various cooking methods. Different cooking methods can lead to mineral and vitamin losses as high as 70% to 80%. Boiling and blanching food typically causes the worst nutrient loss.

Skip the cooking step. Eat more raw vegetables and fruit, or dried fruits and dried vegetables dehydrated using a food dehydrator, while increasing the dietary worth of the food. Raw foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs, are foods eaten within their natural, unprocessed, uncooked condition. If your person’s raw food intake includes 75% to 100% of the overall total food intake, then they’re typically regarded as practicing a raw food diet. By practicing a raw food diet, or simply growing the quantity of fresh produce eaten, a raw food adherent eliminates potential nutrient loss through processing, pre-cutting, packaging or cooking, and maximizes their dietary and antioxidant intake. Improve your publish-harvest dietary odds, go raw or consume more dried vegetables and fruit dehydrated having a food dehydrator.

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