Top Benefits Only A Personal Trainer Can Provide

How Personal Trainers Can Provide Quality Customer Service

Several reasons encourage gym members to work with a personal trainer who works best for most people, and the number one reason is accountability. 

You likely need a Personal Fitness Trainer to encourage your fitness journey for the simple reason that 80 percent of people quit their gym within 5 months.  And even far worse   67 percent of people who sign up for gym members never yet set foot in the gym once! 

Additional Reasons why having a personal trainer is important.

Besides your Personal Fitness Training in Hong Kong counselor encouraging you every step of the way, there are many benefits of working with a personal trainer. 

1. Personal trainers are Rehab Specialists 

  • The plain fact is a high percentage of gym clients have already been injured, whether it is a work accident such as a strained back, a previous gym injury, or post knee surgery. 
  • The overwhelming percentage of people in this category need a personal trainer. While there may even be previous gym buffs, they don’t know how to change and modify their fitness program to avoid further injury. 

2. Setting reasonable, attainable goals

  • It’s unfortunate, but through advertisements for fake fat burner pills and other miracle cures,  most people have no idea what are reasonable goals to aspire to and how long it will take. 
  • There are no miracle cures in the exercise business. Healthy men and women in 20s and 30s take a minimum of around 2 months to show significant improvement in body and those in 40s need to count on at least 4 months.
  • Transformations are achieved by working with a Personal Fitness Trainer, but it takes time and consistent dedication. 
  • Studies have shown, time and time again, that  43 percent of people give up their health and weight loss goals within 1 month, and by the time the 3 month time rolls around, 90 percent have given up on their goals. 

3. Personal trainers are experts at nutrition

  •  Personal trainer gives better advice regarding nutrition intake. Trainers who are not experts in nutrition will usually be trainers in their 20’s with high levels of testosterone or youth to their advantage, so they can eat what they want.
  • For most people, their number one goal is to eliminate excess fat, and true fitness experts know that losing stubborn belly fat is 80 percent nutrition (perhaps even 90 percent), and the rest is exercise.
  • Changing your diet works so much more efficiently than exercise is that a good workout will burn 250 calories. 
  • If you go to the gym 3 times a week, that’s 750 calories burned. Since a pound of belly fat is stored at around 3,500 calories, through exercise alone, it would take you over a month to lose a single pound, so that if you are overweight by 11 kilos, as many people are in Hong Kong, then it would take around 2 years to lose that weight.
  • Meanwhile, through daily diet tips, most people can reduce 600 calories per day, meaning they will lose up to a pound a week instead of a pound per month. 

4. A personal trainer can maximize your workouts.

  • Most people spend a great deal of wasted time and effort at the gym. A personal trainer can show you how to get the most out of 15 to 20 minutes of exercise, then get on with your daily life. 

5. You will avoid injury 

  • Every year, hundreds of people report to Hong Kong Emergency rooms or specialty care clinics with gym injuries. These injuries range from simple muscle pulls and sprains to serious knee injuries requiring surgery. In fact, for every 1,000 hours in the gym, 4 people get injured.
  • By going for personal fitness training in Hong Kong, gym users can avoid being injured by having your fitness coach walk you through using exercise equipment with the proper form in exercise. The proper way is vitally important to prevent injuries, and most people find out too late.

Our Personal Fitness Training in Hong Kong philosophy at Hybrid MMA and Fitness in Hong Kong encourages all of our gym members to invest in working with a personal trainer because you achieve so much better overall results. You can visit us for a personal consultation to see how we can lead you to your exercise and fitness goals.

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