The Evolution of Sports Card Shows in North Carolina: A Retrospective View

Whether you are a longtime collector or a newcomer to the world of sports cards, attending a sports card show in North Carolina can be a fantastic way to connect with other enthusiasts and discover new treasures for your collection. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about the many different sports card show that take place in North Carolina each year, including what to expect at each event, who will be attending, and what types of cards and collectibles you are likely to find.

Charlotte Card Show:

One of the most popular sports card shows in North Carolina is the Charlotte Card Show, which takes place bi-annually (March and November) at the Park Expo and Conference Center. This event features a vast variety of sports cards, memorabilia, and other collectibles from dozens of vendors. Vendor booths tend to sell out quickly, due to the high popularity of this show, and so make sure to pre-book your booth to showcase your products.

Greensboro Card Show:

If you are looking for sports card and collectibles shows in North Carolina with a large variety of vendors, the Greensboro Card Show is another excellent choice. This event is held at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex three times a year – in January, April, and September, attracting vendors not only from North Carolina but also from other states such as Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia. Expect a range of popular sports cards and collectibles such as autographed balls, jerseys, and bats, game-used jerseys, and high-end rookie cards.

Raleigh Card Show:

Held twice a year (March and October), the Raleigh Card Show is another popular event that attracts sports card enthusiasts from across the state. The show features many vendors selling different types of collectibles, including sports cards, autographed items, and vintage games. The show is held at the Kerr Scott Building, North Carolina State Fairgrounds, Raleigh.

Durham Card Show:

If you are looking for a more modest sports card show, the Durham Card Show held four times a year at the Northgate Mall in Durham, is an excellent choice. Although this show is relatively small, it is still a fantastic place to find a wide variety of sports cards and other collectibles, with several vendors selling vintage sports cards, modern cards, autographed memorabilia, and more.

Card Armory Show:

The Card Armory Show is another popular sports card event held in North Carolina. It is held annually in Winston-Salem with 40+ vendors showcasing sports cards and other collectibles. The event also provides opportunities for trading and buying that will genuinely excite anyone looking to expand their collection.


In conclusion, sports card shows are an excellent place to connect with other collectors, discover new treasures, and add value to your sports card collection. This guide highlights some of the top sports card shows in North Carolina. Whether you are looking to attend a large event like Charlotte or Greensboro Card Show with access to hundreds of vendors or visit a modest show like Durham Card Show, you will find enough options in North Carolina with excellent opportunities to trade and buy sports cards of your liking. So, all the collectors out there, be sure to mark your calendars and attend these shows. Happy collecting!