Disposable vs refillable – Which kind of cbd vape pen is ideal for you?

Cbd vape pens now come in two primary formats – disposable or refillable. Determining which style makes the optimal choice for your needs depends on a few key factors. As the name denotes, disposable cbd vape pens get used until the battery runs out or attached cartridge empties then the entire unit gets discarded and replaced. Disposable pens appeal for their ultimate convenience and affordability. Disposable cbd vape pens feature an integrated non-rechargeable battery pre-connected to a cartridge pre-filled with a set volume of cbd vape juice. Common capacities range from 0.3ml to 1ml before needing replacement.

Cost per disposable pen varies widely from $5 on up to $50 based on formula potency and hardware quality. While disposables limit customization or consistency compared to refillable options, they deliver stress-free cbd vaping great for infrequent use, trying new brands/flavors and traveling light without worrying about charging or refilling.

Overview of refillable cbd vape pens

In contrast to disposables, refillable cbd vape pens consist of separate components allowing for replacing individual parts over time rather than the entire unit. The primary components include:

  • Battery – typically lithium-ion rechargeable batteries usable for hundreds of charges. Batteries may feature variable voltage and button or draw activation.
  • Tank/cartridge – storage containers for holding cbd vape juice. Tanks get manually refilled while cartridges are pre-filled and replaced.
  • Atomizer – attaches to connect the battery to tank/cartridge using heating coils to vaporize liquid. Popular options include ceramic & quartz styles.

Refillable cbd vape pen starter bundles range from $20 to $100 covering basic batteries and an empty tank or one cbd cartridge. Subsequent cartridge refills and replacement atomizers/coils provide continued use for just pennies per 5-10mg cbd dose over time.

  1. Impacting choice: usage frequency

Planned vaping frequency determines ideal pen format. Disposables suit intermittent, experimental use when needing just occasional puffs. But budget benefits emerge from refillable pens the more regularly you vape. Infrequent users may prefer variety from disposable pens sampling assorted brands and cbd spectrums. However refillable systems better sustain frequent users requiring multiple daily puffs over months or years. Refills also enable consistent dosing with the same cbd formula.

  1. Customization vs simplicity

Those desiring unlimited strain and flavor variety find disposables let them sample the rainbow risk-free. But refillable systems allow manually combining preferred cbd oil viscosity, cannabinoid blend and terpene-infused tastes for customized effects and enjoyment. Conversely, some users value fuss-free simplicity with no hassle of recharging batteries, cleaning tanks or filling cartridges. For those wanting push-button relaxation without setup demands, disposable vape pens deliver.

  1. Cost considerations

Upfront sticker shock gets avoided buying cheaper disposable cbd vape pens under $15. But frequent puffers consuming 1ml daily easily spend over $300 annually on replacements. Comparatively, an initial $40+ investment in quality refillable gear pays for itself within months splicing per dose costs to mere pennys. While disposables provide low commitment access to sample cbd vaping, refillable systems make the most financial sense for regular users budgeting long-term. Just be sure to buy quality components avoiding cheap batteries or atomizers that break quickly.

Evaluating individual vaping goals and lifestyles determines whether disposable or refillable cbd vape pens prove ideal. Prioritizing intended usage frequency, simplicity vs personalization and budget determines your best vape pen match.

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