Common Pot Growing Issues and Solutions

Growing a pot plant, like any other plant, comes with its own set of obstacles. 

Issues may inevitably develop, but as a grower, you must have a good instinct for detecting them early and resolving them before the plant’s survival is jeopardized. With that in mind, here are some frequent pot-growing issues and potential fixes before things get out of hand.


Overfeeding plants causes nutrient burns, which limits growth and results in crop loss. It’s critical to follow the fertilizer and plant food directions, especially the feeding times.


Overwatering can damage a plant’s roots, resulting in root dieback and production losses. To avoid this issue, farmers must ensure that the soil is not over-saturated. To water just when necessary is the right approach to prevent oversaturation. A minor drooping from a lack of water will not kill the plants, but drowning the roots would.

Soil quality

Cannabis plants require bright, airy, and well-draining soil for their roots to grow freely. Perlite is added to heavy soils to help with drainage and airflow. In addition, the soil should be nutrient-dense and devoid of pollutants. Growers should not reuse old soil unless they know what they’re doing. Newbie gardeners should invest in new marijuana-specific soil.

Insufficiency of Boron

Boron deficiency isn’t as much of a problem these days, but it’s still a severe issue for farmers all over the world. The most common cause of this deficit is inadequate soil pH, which is exceedingly harmful to the life of any plant. If a boron deficiency is not recognized early enough, other issues may arise, leading to the plant’s death.

Early Harvest

Early harvesting can have a detrimental impact on growers’ yields and the quality and potency of their final goods.

Pay attention to the stigma to determine the best time to harvest any given plant.

When the trichomes begin to change color, growers that want the best potential harvest should take out a microscope and examine them.


Buying seeds from a reputable seed bank makes it easier for folks new to growing and breeding to get a good start. Seeds from seed banks are stable strains that give dependable results. 


Stagnant air causes humidity, mold, and mildew, making it a task to keep plants healthy. Add inlet and outlet fans to the grow chamber to bring in the fresh air and exhaust stale air, and keep them running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


While container plants require a lot of light to thrive, too much of it can damage the plant. To solve this problem, make sure the plant gets just enough light and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight for long periods.


While learning from mistakes is vital, it is preferable to avoid them in the first place. Begin with high-quality seeds and a well-prepared garden or grow room, then learn about proper feeding, watering, and harvesting schedules, secure the site, and do your homework ahead of time.Check out Marijuana Seeds For Sale Online on

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