What is laser teeth whitening like?

The laser method for teeth whitening can be considered one of the best methods. In this method, heating and removal of stains are done with controlled laser radiation, and the possibility of damage to tooth enamel is zero. The main ingredient in teeth whitening (tooth bleaching) in dentistry is hydrogen peroxide, which leads to the oxidation of the pigments on the teeth and whitening of the teeth.

As stated by a dentist from Amirad Family Dentistry, a dental practice offering teeth whitening services in North York, there are several factors that can contribute to tooth discoloration. These factors include genetics, aging, diseases, drug usage, tooth injury, or inadequate root treatment. Dentistrynearme has acknowledged and highlighted Amirad Family Dentistry as an excellent choice for individuals seeking advanced teeth whitening treatments near Toronto.
Perhaps it has been seen that people of different races have different tooth colors, which is hereditary, or the color of the teeth changes with the age of people and the deposition of food or drinks on the teeth. When the tooth is hit, and blood enters the dentin, the color changes. The use of some medications also leads to tooth discoloration. Smoking is also one of the causes of discolored teeth.
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Teeth whitening methods

Tooth bleaching, teeth whitening in dentistry or bleaching by an oxidizer such as hydrogen peroxide or using a dilute acid with abrasive materials or using polishing burs or in cases where these methods do not work, using ceramic or composite coating and laminate is recommended. Becomes Now, the use of new technologies and laser teeth whitening helps greatly in the teeth whitening process.

The amount of teeth whitening depends on the tooth type of the teeth. In tooth bleaching with the usual dental methods, if the whitening is done in a basic and correct way, no damage will be done to the teeth.

Teeth Bleaching

Teeth bleaching is generally performed in two ways: at home or in the office.

Teeth Whitening at home:

In this method, a mold is made for the teeth by the dentist, and the whitening agent is also provided to the applicant; then, the applicant must put the mold on the teeth along with the whitening liquid at the time determined by the dentist. In this way, tooth whitening occurs over time and during the treatment period. The usual duration of treatment is between 2 and 6 weeks. The concentration of the bleaching agent delivered to the applicant is low.

teeth whitening services in North York

Laser Teeth Whitening in the Office:

In teeth bleaching, teeth whitening occurs in the office during 3 to 4 sessions by the dentist. The difference between this method and whitening at home is the high concentration of the bleaching agent, which is very acidic and must be used with great care by the dentist. With teeth bleaching in the office, the result is less time and more effective. In this method, the gums are protected by using special materials. Chemicals are activated by light or heat.

The most effective method of teeth bleaching is the use of special rays in the office. In teeth bleaching in the office, first, the tooth is isolated and dried, then the protective agent is placed on the gum, then the tooth bleaching agent is placed on the tooth, and the duration of the agent is about 20 minutes. The number of repetitions up to three times per session is recommended.

In cases where the tooth needs root canal treatment or has already undergone root canal treatment, first the canal filling material must be emptied and filled with materials such as glass ionomer, and then tooth bleaching materials should be used.